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My nickname is Ouyang, my real name is Austin Beau. I currently reside in New Jersey where I attend college as freshman.

I enjoy:

1| Music (tons of genre, albeit a lot of it is "/mu/core")
2| Learning
____a) Languages
____b) Foreign Cultures
____c) New techniques to approach life
3| Programming (learning still)
____a) Haskell
____b) C
____c) Lua
4| Playing video games
____a) League of Legends
____b) Dota 2
____c) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
____d) Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
5| Ricing my work space (whether it be computer work spaces or my desk)

I currently am only fluent in English. But I have strong interests in French (6 years in high school/middle school), and Chinese (only one year). I hope I can find enough time to get into a Scandinavian language such as Danish or Norwegian.

I run windows 8.1, but spend most of my time in VirtualBox running Arch Linux with 2bwm or BSPWM. This is mainly because I'm god awful at installing things onto actual hardware.

Future plans are to get way better at C and hopefully one day create my own window manager and packages.

I hope to get better at customizing 2bwm and properly using nixOS for haskell development!

Have a great day!

I thrillingly welcome you to our forums.
Have a nice stay! (ノ*゜▽゜*)
Long time nixers
Hey Ouyang, its nice to meet you. I am fully fluent in French if ever you need a hand. Your goals sound familiar to mine, you have a little bit of a head start, but hopefully we can collaborate on some projects in the future! Welcome.
Grey Hair Nixers
Eh, French are jerks. Hello there !
welcome to the forums. quit worrying about the hardware and just install arch alongside windows. or remove windows altogether!

Long time nixers
(09-11-2014, 08:20 PM)z3bra Wrote: Eh, French are jerks. Hello there !

I am not French, but I can speak french. Sorry my capitalization, but I'm glad to see everyone is accepted here.