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Long time nixers
Some months ago I found a screenshot of an awesome looking i3wm-setup which led me to /r/unixporn. And a few weeks ago a screenshot in /r/unixporn led me to this community. After lurking around, watching and waiting I finally decided that it was time to hit "Register" and join you.

It's considered normal to write something about yourself in this section - it's called "Introduction" for a reason, isn't it? But I always have had problems describing myself. Let's give it a try:
I've been in love with computers ever since I got my hands on one around fifteen years ago, but of course my passion focused on video games at first (And somehow still does, I'm spending more time than I should enjoying beautiful storylines and discovering worlds unknown to mankind. Well, virtual worlds of course.). A more technical interest started to develop around six or seven years ago.

I discovered Linux and learned to love it (I guess my path was pretty similar to most other people's experiences: Ubuntu - Debian - Arch - place_exotic_distribution_few_people_use_in_here - Debian.) following this discovery I tried out nearly everything that sounds fun, from programming to systems administration, information security and encryption and license philosophy (I liked the GPL once. I was young.). After a short rendez-vous with a local university without much of what's generally called "success" I'm now working as a technician. And yep, I'm regretting that I was too lazy to ever really get my ass behind learning stuff instead of just looking at it.

I'm currently using a Macbook Pro with the original operating system on it, but I'm thinking about getting a cheap notebook and make the switch back to FreeBSD. In virtual machines I'm fiddling around with tiling window managers, color schemes and vim all the time. So this might be a logical step.

Beneath all computer-related stuff I'm not very thrilling either. I like books, music and science as much as your average nerd and avoid social contacts almost at the same level. So let's try to give a summary: Computer-loving guy that somehow has never managed to aquire an appropriate skillset but instead manages his way through everything by Trial and Error and a dash of Google Fu. (And if you ever need useless knowledge, you know where to ask. \o/)

And for the really lazy people, aka TL;DR: I'm happy to finally be here after a period of lurking around dark corners and watching everything. I'm looking forward to all this and I hope I'm not that annoying because of me being odd from time to time. (Sidenote: Yes, I sometimes write long post. I've got problems with expressing myself in short ways. I'm, honestly, sorry.)
Grey Hair Nixers
Welcome shtols! Don't worry about long posts, as long as they're as high quality as this one it should be fine :).
Well you know, shit happens, and you got where you got. We all have our times.
Welcome to the hub!
Long time nixers
Welcome to Unixhub! Don't worry about not being a genius like most of the members here; I'm not either. Enjoy your stay.. and hop in IRC!
Grey Hair Nixers
Or don't, and post on the forums :)
Long time nixers
Why not both?