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Grey Hair Nixers
Hello guys!

Would anyone be interrested in adding a tutorial section to the forum, and open a "request" thread in it? So that if people want a subject to be discussed, a point to be explained or start learning something new, other experienced user could provide some fine "starter kit" about it.

Knowledge is only useful when it's shared, so why not doing it here?
I think that's a good idea
It's a nice idea but I'm not sure it's going to be successful.
In the past (early unixhub) we've had a lot of long tutorial threads.
We've almost only had tutorial threads.
I've written my share of them.

These days when someone has a tutorial they post it on their personal blog.
I'm sure you have noticed this... Hek, z3bra you are part of those persons.

In all case, if I open the section I'll have to dig the forums for all the old tutorial threads and move them to that section.
Then again, why put them in a tutorial section instead of the section they were originally into?

If you meant a "request" section then it's another thing. Just open a thread in the community section so that people post their claims on it.
Grey Hair Nixers
I agree that I usually post tutorials about what I do on my personnal blog, but there might be some things I consider "trivial" that other people have difficulties to sort out.

For example, one might ask "How do I test different fonts on my system?". This is not a big task, but all the xset/mkfontdir and friends might be a little hard to get at first. So anyone knowing how to use it could write a quick tutorial, perhaps in the appropriate section on the forum so it can be referred to afterwards.

Just an idea though. Maybe having a dedicated thread like "Not-so-dumb question" could help
Long time nixers
tell us how you use / setup pgp or gpg. after all this time i still dont know if i have it setup right. lel.
Grey Hair Nixers
I don't know if I have it setup at all!
On the technical side all you need is any implementation of PGP (preferably GnuPG) installed. That's all. The operational side is a totally different story.
Grey Hair Nixers
I think a good rule of thumb here is: never EVER create a key without an expiration date. Because at some point, you will loose it, or its revocation key, and you might end up screwed. Just saying.