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Long time nixers
Earlier this year, my netbook began shutting itself off a minute of so after boot.
I thought that it was broken, but didn't want to throw it away, so it sat in the closet for a few months.
I was bummed. No cash to buy a new one.

Then, one day I decided to Google the problem to see if anyone else had been experiencing the same issue.
Turns out that there was more than one type of shut-down problem, and the fixes for most didn't work on my machine.

Finally, with the help of borrowing my son's brand new laptop, I was surfing YouTube when I found a video of a guy who had the same problem as I, and he had a fix! (I can't remember the name of the Vid, or I would post it here & give credit where due.)

The fix?
Remove the battery, then use something such as a AA battery to tap lightly around the under side of the netbook, around the circular part which houses the fan.
After tapping, to loosen lint & dust, blow compressed air through the vent holes at the sides and rear of the chassis.

Once that's been done, replace the battery and power the unit on.
With any luck your netbook will now boot completely and the system will be usable once again.

Hopefully this will help someone else.
Thank you.
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One day I was smelling a weird sent of burnt coming from my comp.
I thought that it was benigm, but it became more noticeable.
Suddenly, some fire came out of the fan. While panicking, I directly poweroff the machine.
It was simply due to the fan accumulating too much dust.
I blew all the dust, and from this day on my laptop is cooler and works better...
moral: always blow in the fan to remove dust at least once a week.
Long time nixers
Yes, it's amazing what dust can do(and can't do) to your computer.
Also: If your computer is still hot after dusting, try changing its thermal paste!