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Hello fellow *nixers,

I'd like to introduce myself to the board. I've used Linux on and off since 2000 without looking much under the hood. I always returned to Windows after a while mainly because of games and lack of hardware support in the early 2000's.

Windows 10 is / was the final nail in the coffin for me, I installed Ubuntu Gnome yesterday and it just works, including Dropbox, Spotify and my Traktor Audio 2 USB sound card.
In the long term I want to move to Arch, but for now I'll stick with Ubuntu and use that as a learning platform.
I'm still dual booting Windows for Lightroom and Photoshop (using those with a Spyder Colorimeter for semi-pro work) but I'll eventually get rid of them too or at least move them to a KVM with some hardware passthrough magic for calibration purposes. If that is necessary at all, haven't looked at calibration options in Linux yet.

Back to some about-me stuff:
I'm working in the IT, mostly 1st and 2nd Level User Support and some admin stuff (active directory management, exchange mailserver, basic networking, etc.) but am unemployed at the moment.
I also used to play video games waaaaay to much and want to dedicate that time now to learn more about Linux and learn how to code. Is Phyton a good start? As a teenager in the 90ies a friend and I used to program stuff in Turbo Pascal if I recall correctly. A pong game playing itself is all I can remember though.

So plenty of things to learn already without scratching other interesting topics like networking, network security etc. :)

That's enough about me for now I guess. ;) Feel free to ask me whatever you want to know.
Long time nixers
Hey, I currently live in Germany, so we are pretty much neighbours.
I also started with Ubuntu, in my opinion there is not that much difference between the different linux distributions as everybody says.
I don't know python (I can read it, though), but I have only heard good things about it. It seems to be available everywhere, it is well tested and not too slow. If you already know programming python is easy to pick up, I guess.
Nice to see somebody transit from W10 to a Unix.

So: welcome!
Long time nixers
Welcome to Nixers!
~Seraphim R.P.
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The IT field isn't much fun when it's with Windows.

Welcome to the forums.
Welcome neighbour, yes, python is a good learning language.

Have a nice stay!
Servas oida.
Welcome, python is cool and really flexible.
Long time nixers
welcome to nixers!

if you want to try out another distro w/o the fear of breaking everything, just install it in a vm. virtualbox is free, and works great on nix!
Thanks for the welcome everyone und ein herzliches Grüß Gott an dtnt ;-)

@xero - Yeah I know but I want to switch to Arch anyway, just to learn during the process and to have the same base OS on both my stationary PC and a future laptop.
I also don't like that I have close to 2000 packages installed on Ubuntu even after throwing out most of the stuff that is not in use. So Arch it is ;-)