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Well, I am back and I guess need you guys to help me again? Does anyone here know Assembly and know good place to start and learn it. I currently know how to read C, HTML, CSS, a little JavaScript, Go and Python. And seem like Assembly is the last piece I need to know before I can start learning about Operating System and Web browser and etc.. stuff like that. But before go further I must build my strong background in bit and Assembly through hope that someone in here will give good advice for me.
You might try this book:

Ray Seyfarth, Introduction to 64 Bit Assembly Programming for Linux and OS X: For Linux and OS X 3rd Edition


There doesn't seem to be an edition of this book covering system calls on BSD Unix. If necessary you can probably fill in the gaps using the excellent FreeBSD or OpenBSD docs. But it does a good job covering the basics regardless of platform.
Thanks, I will take it as my first source for learning Assembly.