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Audio Week (From June 10-16) (color #65878A)

This second week is dedicated to what some have been requesting since forever, more music!
  • nixers radio (Future:
    A lot have been requesting that we setup a sort of streaming of music where members can share the cool music they listen to. Why not make this true during this month.
    Here are some resources to help set this up:
    Help set that server up

  • Podcast intro song contest
    Last year we've had a contest for the intro/outro jingle of the podcast. Let's do that again and make the submissions compete against the jingle from last year.
    We'll cast the vote during the rest of the month and post result in the end.
    Submit your jingle to the contest

Come on guys, this is almost over.
Grey Hair Nixers
I have one setup (more or less), but I won't be able to do any work this week. Also, we still don't know how we want set up (VPN/NFS?)