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dzen2 was all the rage before lemonbar came in. Lemonbar is really line focused though, while dzen2 is multiline, so it is multi-purpose (status bar, popups, drop-down menus, …). You can also load images in the .xbm format.
The input syntax is a bit more cumbersome to me, and it feels more "hacky" than lemonbar. This is totally subjective though, and I used dzen2 for quite some time happily. I mostly switched to lemonbar back then because it was what the cool kids did.
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(05-05-2020, 08:50 PM)neeasade Wrote: > What can I do with dzen2 that I cannot do with lemonbar

dropdowns/the notion of a 'heading' on dropdowns.

To be fair lemonbar can do this easily with clickable areas + dmenu with patches. More config but doable.
Grey Hair Nixers
@Wildefyr Agreed, just what I had in mind were "vanilla"/upstream versions of dzen2/lemonbar when responding with that (and in isolation/solely dzen2/lemonbar) -- the cool part about many of these tools is how patchable/approachable the source is!
Long time nixers
does anyone know if it's possible to use fontawesome icons with bemenu-run? i'd like to use an icon for my bemenu prompt but haven't figured out how to do it (if that's even possible).