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Long time nixers
I would be more proud to run CRUX, as it would rely more on me than in the software used to build it.

It much looks like what I expected Arch to be. I am on Archbang, on an OpenRC version on my laptop. Pretty stable!

I learned about AlpineLinux on this thread.

I like the philosophy of source-based distros: not only having binaries that works for everybody, but also being able to build software on reliably for everybody. But this means we have to deal with libraries and compilation for everything (which I do not mind).

If I want something at the latest commit, I prefer to build it myself with a small script, installing them in <code>~/.local</code>, and custom recipes). It needs to set a few environment variables like PATH. It is just a dotfile-scale package manager, if you want a real simple portable package manager, look at what z3bra did instead, or pkgsrc maybe.
Long time nixers
Isn't it also the case that source-based distros offer a higher confidence security-wise, since we trust the compiler more than the people who package the software (see also: "Reflections on trusting trust" by Ken Thompson).

But I prefer having things managed by my package manager, which somehow conflicts with the desire to configure by editing the source code. Does anybody know a hybrid system where the code is directly compiled on the current machine, and editable?
Grey Hair Nixers
(04-11-2016, 04:10 PM)TheAnachron Wrote: Wow I would have thought it would be linked to the build script. Interesting, does it have a reason to be seperated?

I guess because it doesn't make sense to update the recipe when only the source tarball changes.

(08-11-2016, 07:32 PM)pranomostro Wrote: Does anybody know a hybrid system where the code is directly compiled on the current machine, and editable?

That's litteraly any source-based distro. I'm running crux myself, and the tarballs get downloaded/extracted and compiled in /usr/src. This process usually happens automatically, but it's pretty easy to edit the source by hand before building the package (I had to do it before and it was painless).

That's the strenghts of a simple build system like what you get on crux.