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Long time nixers
This is a copy from my blog post:

Meet Cobra, an open-source IRC bot developed in Python. I first announced the creation of it yesterday on Twitter. However, I decided to wait for the bot to gain some slight maturity and function before putting it into a forum thread.

Cobra is made from scratch entirely. No IRC libraries were used, however, it is a consideration (depending on how these ideas go).

The bot only has 4 functions. Some more useful than others. All of these are found on the Cobra help page. At almost 100 lines of code, I'm pretty proud of what I accomplished. I learned the Last.FM API through the pylast wrapper, which I utilized by creating a function that returns the current playing song of a specific username (the "+np" command on the help page).

My current plans for Cobra is to include support for encrypted connections and improve command detection, I add plans to the issue section of the GitHub page. More functions will come about as I continue work on it.

I'm very pleased to have another project to work on, as I find formulaSolver and physicsCalc becoming abandoned very quickly. I will post an update about whether or not I will retire these projects, but it's a consideration (especially physicsCalc, since I haven't worked on it in a month).

As mentioned before, it is open-source, so I welcome anyone to come around and make Cobra prosper.
~Seraphim R.P.
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Nice work on this little bot :)