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Long time nixers
For reasons I have previously explained I cannot use a FreeBSD release newer than 8.3 through any method. Bit sick of using the outdated crap and so I just used Windows for a couple of months because I've not been at home for a while and after I did come home my first thought wasn't to fuck around with my computer.

..but now it is to fuck around with my computer. This is me with a Crunchbang setup.

-animated HD background
-some nice theme
Grey Hair Nixers
Posted a comment on your video.
Home sweet home!
It's good to have you back in the game.
Long time nixers
Cheers guys ;) We're working on a new project I think you guys will just love. I'll make a separate thread for it later.
We're pretty much the same; all the time spent on University has deprived me from *nix. All those months on Windows machines made me pretty uncomfortable, but now I've found a workaround and I can finally continue customizing shit again. xD