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Long time nixers
You can read about DNSSEC and the vulnerability’s it helps protect against here. Since it is not always easy to run a DNS server of your own I have decided to provide a free service to my family and friends.
My DNS blocks most ads on the internet saving you bandwidth and browser speed. You will no longer need third party apps such as Adblock to avoid annoying ads on the internet. I would like to offer this service to my friends here at UnixHub! I have low downtime and log-less services so you don't have to worry about your privacy with me.
Email me for the IP address if you are interested in using the service, my email address can be found in my signature. If you don't want to trust someone else with something so important I am currently writing a tutorial on how to set up a secure DNS like mine!

My email is down for the day, PM me instead if you are interested!
I've sent you an email but your PGP key is for the email kopri [at] I've encrypted it using it anyway in the hope that you can still decrypt the message.
On a side note, you might want to send you key to a keyserver like "" or "" so we can easily find it.
Long time nixers
Kopri! Nice!

This is great that you're offering your own service :) I'd be jumping on board if I didn't want to do this myself, as such; I'm very much looking forward to the tutorial!
Long time nixers
Looks like I'll have to speed up my writing then :)