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Hello *nixers,
Do you like double borders in your WM?
[Image: VACI]
Beastie: Do *you* like double borders ;) ?
Nope, 1px borders are enough for me.
Long time nixers
I've never seen it until now...
me no like, I like it w/o or 1px
Grey Hair Nixers
I like it a lot, like in here:

[Image: hlwm-panelicons-1.png]

and here:

[Image: irc-layout-tab.png]

Need to different sizes for the borders tho :)

When are you going to push those to mcwm-beast?
Long time nixers
Aw yiss, muthafuckin borderzzzz.

I do love thick borders ;)
Long time nixers
It depends, I think if the inner border is just slightly off from the outer border, then yes. Two opposite colors with double borders looks horrendous.
Thick borders, yes I do. I've put them all the way to 4 when I was feeling sassy, but I usually have it at 2.

I first thought this thread had to do with people having 2 different borders, like OP's screenshot with one red the other black, if that was the case than no, I only like 1 border. By saying "1 border" I mean that, depending on the wm, I either just put something like "active_border = 2, inactive_border = 0" (obviously just an example) if the window manager allows that or I use the same background color I use in the terminal as my "inactive border" so that it looks like there isn't one.