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Long time nixers
Hey guys,

Has anybody here heard of the Eudyptula Challenge?

The description taken from their website:
Quote:The Eudyptula Challenge is a series of programming exercises for the Linux kernel, that start from a very basic "Hello world" kernel module, moving on up in complexity to getting patches accepted into the main Linux kernel source tree.

It was announced this morning in their mailing list that they will no longer accept new participants when they reach 20k people. Currently they have around 19k (only 149 have completed!).

I signed up to it a few weeks ago but with moving countries haven't had the time to do much with it.

If anybody has worked on it I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the challenge, no spoilers though!

I could do with a shot of rum right now.
I've been meaning to do this for a while now, with the limit approaching fast I'd better get on it!
Grey Hair Nixers
(24-03-2017, 06:21 AM)pyratebeard Wrote: (only 149 have completed!)

that's crazy for the amount of people signed up but I guess somewhat expected.

thanks for pinging about the deadline, I slipped in to waste another spot. ; - )
Still open as of yesterday, I submitted my first module last night