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Long time nixers
Dotgeek -

It's geared towards development rather than production hosting, so it seems like a good place to play with the various languages supported.

What can be used?
Camping, Sinatra, PHP, Dancer
SQLite + one MySQL database.

I like this host because it's accessible via my mobile phone and has a simple interface.
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Long time nixers
Wow! This is really nice!

Thanks for the share!
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Never heard of this before, thanks D9u! I have personally used NeoTerra's website in the past ( from free hosting in the past and can say it is a reliable free hosting option with PHP / MySQL support as well if anyone is looking to experiment with an online website I'd suggest trying both. I plan on trying as soon as I can find a use to though, whenever that happens I'll be sure to come back and edit with a comparison if anyone is interested.