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### rc level:

- change the console resolution:

¬ i386 only.

¬ load the vesa driver module with kldload vesa and make it permanent by writing this in /boot/loader.conf: vesa_load="YES".

¬ then when the driver is loaded or you have rebooted, check what resolution is available for your computer by running:

¬ vidcontrol -i modes. It should show you a list.

¬ Test the resolution you want by running: vidcontrol MODE_282 for example, which is 1280x1024x16 for me. If it doesn't work, try an other, etc.

¬ Make the change permanent by adding this to /etc/rc.conf:

¬ allscreens_flags="MODE_282" # Change 282 with your mode, obviously.

- Change your font:

¬ The fonts are located in /usr/share/syscons/fonts.

¬ Most of them are fugly. One does look very good and it's iso15-thin-8x16. Try some fonts with vidcontrol -f.

¬ You may wonder if more fonts are available. Linux has stopped using .fnt fonts for a long time but slackware has like 4 .fnt fonts which are a bit weird.

¬ See here: [fonts](http://v3.sk/~lkundrak/fonts/freebsd/)

¬ You can make a font yourself with the program /usr/ports/sysutils/fonteditfs
but it takes a lot of time. I made a terminus port once I lost now :/.

¬ To make your font change permanent, add this to /etc/rc.conf:

¬ font8x16="iso15-thin-8x16"

- Change background/foreground:

¬ you can see the colors available by typing vidcontrol.

¬ type vidcontrol <fgcolor> <bgcolor>

¬ Colors are a bit strong... and FreeBSD needs a port from linux' ttycolor.