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Long time nixers
This thread is about the game boy color and the Texas instruments graphing calculators

I'm still in the process of setting up my room.
I've been doing a lot of reading about hardware hacking and I thought something interesting would be a look at the computers that are all around us - even if we do not notice them.
Everyone uses a calculator at some point, and Gameboys are (or used to be) incredibly prevalent.
Both can be acquired cheaply used - I myself have been biking around to thrift shops in my area to look for old gameboys to play around with.

Sadly I cannot mess too much with my graphing calculator because I need it for calc still ;(
I might grab another one used to play around with though.
This is a web browser for graphing calculators, pretty crazy.
Is an operating system designed for graphing calculators.
"castle" is the application launcher

"fileman" is the file manager

"calendar" is a calendar application

"bed" is a basic text editor

"kcc" knight c compiler

"periodic" The periodic table of elements

and lots of other goodies!

As for gameboys:
I have collected some resources and linked them below:

(Tons of resources)

(couple tips)

This goes in depth into programming for the game boy advance
(for gba)

Also there is a thing called lsd (Little sound dj)
which turns your gameboy into a musical instrument

And finally this is nixers after all, so I leave you with:

Unix on a game boy advance

Have a great day everyone and I will post more when I get a hold of one!
The first programs I wrote were on my graphing calculator for high school.
I used to write programs that automatically solved some maths problems and just before the exams people were begging me to transfer it to their calculators. This got me a lot of free lunch.

There's a plug in the calculator that is used to transfer data from one calculator to another.
Unfortunately I didn't have the adapter to connect it to a computer so I had to type everything on the calculator keyboard which took a lot of patience.