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Hi folks, greetings from Cascadia, in this case, Oregon.

I've been using Linux since about 1999-2000, started out with Red Hat. These days I use primarily Slackware, with forays into Debian sid. I don't use Linux professionally, just a hobby. I use Mac OSX professionally, as I am a prepress technician in the commercial printing industry. I have never used Windows on a personal level, only when I have to in my profession.
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Welcome aboard!

Hope you don't "slack" around on the forums :P ;)
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Welcome Bones! I hope you'll enjoy your stay.
Welcome to your new home.
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Another Slackware user! Welcome to UnixHub. You should join the IRC.
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Welcome on UnixHub, Bones
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Pre press tech? I was once a pre press tech for a governmental agency. It was in the early 1990's and I was using Xerox Elixir to edit tax forms for a Xerox Docutech.
That job segued into an RDBMS dev position which is where I had my initial exposure to structured programming which went beyond my early Excel macros and batch files.

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NeoTerra, it really was anything other than fascinating. I got an inter-agency job in a print shop, all offset lythography presses until we got the DocuTech. I had been working in the administration office as an accounts payable clerk, but the office manager caught me printing out pornographic materials so I was transferred to the print shop.
I did lame stuff such as running collation machines, running brochure folders, cut stock down to press size with a huge hydraulic press cutter, as well as hand collating pamphlets and stapling them together.
I also helped out in the shipping department as needed. I learned how to tape boxes closed as well as reinforce said boxes using copious amounts of packing tape. (hehe)
When we got the DocuTech there was a need for a "typesetter" who would use a computer to setup the copy etc.
I was the only one in the shop who had any form of education about computers, but they went to the departmental IT section for an operator and none of them had any experience outside of a DOS/Win32 environment - none of them could figure out how to use Elixir. We literally had zero documentation. I keep thinking that it was the office manager (who hated me) withholding the Elixir manuals (the DocuTech manuals were available to the press operator, but nothing for Elixir) in order to hang failure around my neck so he could have me fired (again) but since it was a point-click interface and only needed minimal CLI config, I was easily able to get the job done ahead of schedule and under budget. (In yo FACE J. Slater!)
[Image: elixifont.jpg]
[Image: world-of-elixir.jpg]

My success with that project brought me into the dev shop, where they gave me ridiculously simple assignments which I quickly learned to automate as much as possible, thus affording me hours upon hours of Castle Wolfenstein 3D, which I played with the appropriate determination so as to appear to be slaving away at my assignments, replete with exclamations ("Damned fucking preprocessor!") of consternation when I "got killed."

The Elixir machine was something I'd never seen before, as we were doing all our buying from Gateway 2000, so I couldn't even tell you what the specs were, other than it had a monochrome monitor and the GUI was bitmapped.

Our regular machines were Gateway 2000 486 DX/2 66Mhz with 16 MB RAM, and hdd sizes were like 100 MB.

On top of doing projects such as the first online offender database (in FoxPro) for our state sheriff's, we did procurement and configuration of PC systems for various local agencies. We also did ethernet network installations using Novell NetWare.

However, my dream of having my own land presented me with an opportunity which caused me to abandon that job and move to the boonies of the Big Island, where there wasn't even electricity, or telephone lines, so no internet for me until the mobile web caught on.
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