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Hello *nixers,
I wrote a post on my blog not so long ago about group works and the psychology around it.

I mentioned some nixers projects amongst them.

If you read it I'd like to have your thoughts and opinions.

Here it is.
Quote:Children’s brains absorb what adults tell them to, even the most horrid lies.

Couldn't agree more. It also bothers me that schools teach a lot of bullsh*t to students rather than actually teaching them useful material. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great courses that students take that definitely helps them out, but not enough of them or at least not enough of the important ones.

I too preferred to work by myself on school projects, there is only a handful of people who I can actually work with.

Quote:The fakers are another category. Individuals that want to give the impression that they know what they are doing, to get a good reputation, but that don’t actually.

Those are everywhere :D

Quote:This is the worth kind. Once they’ve gained trust they wait for the real smart people to join them and abuse their work.

Sadly this has happened to me a lot, in which I then stop assuming other peoples qualities just like you said:
Quote:You should be careful of your teammates, even the ones you think you know. If you’ve never worked with them on a projects you cannot assume their qualities.

Great post!
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.
I've only worked with people on school projects. It almost always went well. There was sometimes one retard who fucks shit up, and we all called them out to the teacher and we got our good grades. People seem to just fall into place in group work. I haven't had to deal with a conflict of ideas since people are pretty passive, and not many people can create ideas as good as mine anyways.

Quote:I envisioned that it would be a place where all the smartest persons come together to study what they love.
That's actually my college experience.

Online, I've found that I don't get along with others because they're arrogant and stupid. I usually just do my own projects and nobody contributes.