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My name is Conch, 25 years of age.
I saw this forum advertised so I thought I'd join. :)

I've been using GNU/Linux for around 4 years, I'm a bit of a distro hopper but I've realised that for now, Linux Mint is my favourite.

I'm still learning everything and at the moment I plan to read up on Bash scripting.
I would also like to make the most out of Conky. :)

I will probably one day switch to BSD, as I've heard good reviews on it.
I completely moved away from Windows around 3 years ago and never turned back.
My dream career is to one day work with Linux/Nix systems.

Some of you may have seen me before, I roam around on HF.
That place is rubbish now though, and I can't even be bothered looking at the Linux section again lol.

I honestly never thought moving from Wincrap to Linux taught me so much more about computing, file systems, networking etc.

My hope for the future is to get back into programming and create some multi platform applications.

If I ever do create any applications or scripts they will always be open source to the public.

Sorry for the long intro!
I hope you guys enjoy having me here! :)

Kind regards,
Long time nixers
Welcome Program. ! xD

Conch From HF? 'Hard forum' ? if so i've seen that name once lol
Epic people for an Epic Forum!
Grey Hair Nixers
Hello and welcome on UH! I hope this will make you leave "Hard Forums" for ever.
Long time nixers
Neo, don't worry fella, im not a member on 'HF' place is a mess and most members are tards, i do check it now n then but me sign up? NEVAR ! lol
Long time nixers
I thought that HF = HerpDerp Forums?
Just shows what I know, or don't.

Anyways, welcome to Unix Hub!
I've seen you on HF for a couple of years now... Good member!
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!
Grey Hair Nixers
Long time nixers
(16-01-2013, 08:27 AM)Beastie Wrote: nope.

Such lies.

Welcome to Unixhub!