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after following the forums for a few months I decided to register. z3bra helped me to discover nixers!

I'm a long time Linux user, I started with Mandrake. Yes, that's right, Mandrake, more than 10 years ago. I stayed a long time on Archlinux before switching for the moment to Gentoo. I'm still discovering that distro and I also follow the news of the other distros.

I switched slowly from a user to a package maintainer and I hope I'll be able to contribute to some projects now. I will begin soon.

With the time I use more and more lightweight tools and now I don't have a wm any more thank to wmutils.

I hope I will learn a lot on this forums!

P.S: salut z3bra, cette fois c'est moi ;-)
Long time nixers
Hey! Its nice to meet you.

welcome to nixers.
How do you like wmutils?
Does it fufill all the things that you need?
Welcome to nixers
I'm pretty new here too. Nice intro. Good to meet you
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Long time nixers
Welcome to nixers y'all. :)

I used swm+wmutils for like 3 months so feel free to ask. :)

BTW feel free to join us at #nixers :)
Eduan / greduan
Salut ma poulette!
Welcome to the feast!
For the moment, I'm satisfied with wmutils. I didn't customize it a lot, but as soon I need something, I know
it's possible with a script. So everything fine!

I'll consider joining nixers on IRC!

Nice to see there is also other french speaking people :-). I'm not far from France. Where I live, french is one of the four official languages!
Long time nixers
Welcome to Nixers.
~Seraphim R.P.
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Grey Hair Nixers
hehe, finally ;)

Welcome here buddy!
Long time nixers
welcome to nixers