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Antharia Jack
Hello, my name is Jack.
My linux journey started a few months ago on r/unixporn.
Before, i had a dual boot on my old laptop but linux was useless for me. I got my habits (essentially music production) :/

But ricing convince me to switch on linux. I've got an artist profile (musician & graphic designer), and i like minimalist desktops, i like to custom my own, and i like to optimize my workflow.

So i installed manjaro-i3 (a compromise with arch) and started writing config files, then learn command lines, then learn how to use vim etc

My laptop is 100% manjaro-i3 now. And i still have problems with my rice config, so maybe i'll need some help sometimes ;)

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.
Hello Antharia Jack and welcome to nixers.
You can check the unix screenshot thread: it's not that much updated these days and a lot of images have dead links but it's one of the threads with the most posts. Maybe you'll find inspiration there.

Enjoy your stay.
Welcome to nixers :)