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Long time nixers
"Hello there, Here I am"

Okay I was pretty out when I wrote this, so i've redone it. Basically i'm 17 years old, used various *nix flavours for almost a year then stuck with Debian for two years and I moved to FreeBSD earlier this year only a few months ago. I live in Wales, UK and I'm a motorhead.
Hwyl fawr!
Grey Hair Nixers
Lol what? :D
Long time nixers
I was slightly morning high with what I had left in the bag, wasn't much. It doesn't look obvious from my perspective? It might in an hour or two.
Why hello there, mate. ;)
Long time nixers
Hello Robby Tin iawn?
Dyma fi hefyd xD
Dwi falch bod welshie arall yma!
Cymru am byth!