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As many of you may already know, the OpenBSD project is facing some financial difficulties.
This is serious, as OpenBSD will shut down if they do not have the funding to keep the project's server farm up and running.


So, if you have some spare bucks you could donate to the project, please go to:

Your help will be highly appreciated!

David (an OpenBSD developer)
Long time nixers
It's great to see this being posted here.

I hope people will realise that this is serious, even if you don't use OpenBSD, perhaps consider, if you've got a little something to give, even small donations can help.

I've donated, I hope others will too. C'mon UH, do your part if you can! :)
Long time nixers
Already donated, I'll be in shambles if they shut down.
Long time nixers
This means a lot, guys! It's not only the OpenBSD, but OpenSSH and some other projects, too. Come on, what would we do without OpenSSH... :(
Long time nixers
OpenSSH, OpenNTPd, OpenBGPd .. many projects. Also donated a few books. Wish I could buy merchandise, but the shipping costs to my living place are enormous. All the very best OpenBSD!
Hope they manage to get what they need. Can't donate due to lack of money on my side but I wish OpenBSD all the best!