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Long time nixers
I opened wiby.me, clicked "surprise me" and got surprised!

I found GUIdebook Gallery, a (currently unmantained) collection of icons, screenshots, articles, books and other stuff on graphical interfaces, from Xerox Star to Windows Vista (the newest OS at the time the website got unmaintained).

Stuff there is highly organized and impecably curated. Screenshots, for example, are organized either by OS (Windows, BeOS, Machintosh, etc) or by GUI feature (file manager, dialog window, panel/bar, etc). The same for the articles, icons, books, and other things.

I'm browsing it since yesterday and am not done yet. High quality content.

I only knew one website with similar content (toastytech.com/guis).

What do you thing of this website?
Any page (screenshot, article, etc) there worth noting?
Have you found any other webmuseum of GUIs (or other related topic)?
that's a really nice find!
I especially like the ads and the tutorials, they're perfect to give you a general feeling of the OS or software and how it was perceived at the time. I'd be curious of what would people feel if they saw magazine ads with the current software stack in them, we're used to seeing them online but not on paper.
If old computer ads and tutorials are your thing, the Internet Archive has copies of some of the magazines we cut our teeth on back in the 80's and 90's. Some of my favorites were: