How can I load other X11 wm on OS X other than having quartz-wm loading up? - OS X

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Hey I know this may seem like a stupid thread here, but as you may notice i've been using OS X 10.9.3 mavericks on my amd pc, and wondering how you got it using other WM @ yrmt if you can help me with that. I have seen your deviantart profile and have notice you had some wm in X11 in full display and not the original OS X wm. Just wondering how you go about with that.

Thanks you for reading, I hope to get some positive feedback.
btw I'm using your OSXINFO nice little script you made there :)

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I use XQuartz and hide the menubar, you can start other window managers from xinitrc, you can get some from my pkgsrc repo for osx if you'd like.
aaa i see hide the menu and dock i get it run it on top..

cool nice tip thanks

that is all i need to know.. will try to compile Pekwm ..

btw i umm done a re-written osxinfo ... its call darwin info aka dinfo its mostly your code, but i'm learning C on my own and today was my first attempt. I post a screenshot on how it looks like with dinfo -a and the gunzip is on my ipodpunker in the description if you want to check out the code.. works nicely on OS X 10.9.3.

Cheers m8
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I added your Ascii art to my program:
cool i'm working on a FreeBSD Info C program, its nothing fancy like your OSXINFO program but its a start just started programming in C my 2nd day lulz.

I post up a screenshot on the screenshot section.

Cheers! p.s glad you add the ascii art I actually put more time in doing that than the actually programming. I done another logo for FreeBSD just Text, but its pretty cool what u can do with block characters lulz.

@cyberpunkz, if you open up the X11 preferences, there's an option under "Output" to enable fullscreen mode. That will hide everything that isn't X, and you can use stuff like xsetroot or whatever.
Hi mate!

yesterday after last upgrade of my archlinux on macbookair, I lost my fucking broadcom!

I try to set-up my osx more usable for nixer, and I choose to install bspwm.

I had two problems, one of the panel it does not work with dzen2 it with other solutions, and feh when I try to set a wallpaper has problems with colors ..... solutions?!?

ah I noticed that even after logout from XQuartz X11 keeps rebooting continuously

thank you very much in advance and sorry for my english!

see the screenshots if you want!
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