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Hello fellow *nixers,
The purpose of this thread is to introduce people to Ricerous.
More info on the following links:

I'll assume you already have Ricerous installed.

How To - Learning

The first aim of Ricerous is to help you learn about your setup while ricing it
at the same time.

When you fire-up Ricerous you are presented with the default screen, the bootloader

[Image: LzM0ImY.png]

The information about how to customized that particular option will be shown
on the right screen, as shown in the screenshot.

You can switch from sections to section by browsing, clicking, the blades on
the left.

Note: If you want to contribute to those information you are welcomed to do so
by doing a pull request on Github. It's as simple as editing a text file so
don't worry about your coding skills, everyone can help.
Later on, if the info are updated, people can simply click the update button
and it'll automatically fetch the most recent one.

How To - Ricing

Ricerous lets you keep notes about the stuffs you've customized on your system.

By ticking the box on the top-right of the window you mark the current section
as "riced" this means that you've noted that you have done some modification
to it. It's a reminder.

You can also add comments to your riced section by typing in the text-entry at
the bottom of the information section.

When you are satisfied with what you've written you can save it for later use
by pressing the export button.

To re-use one of those configuration you press the import button and selection
the config you've exported.

How To - Sharing

It's nice to have the configs shown inside the program but it's nicer to be
able to share them with people on online forums, emails, boards, etc..

The Output button let's you format the configuration you've made
in a sharable manner, though not re-importable in this format.

The current formats are:
  • bbcode
  • html
  • latex
  • markdown

Time to share your setups!


Share your ricerous setups.
Add the following to your posts: screenshot of the setup, output of ricerous (bbcode), and link to the importable configuration.

I'll start with mine.


[Image: 4Mna9N1.png]


common applications

Importable Configs:
Long time nixers
thanks venam, this will help a lot.
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