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Hi fellow Unix people!

I'm mc680x0, or Horst, whichever you'd prefer, and came to these forums by way of a redditor whose username here I don't know.

I work at a bookshop, and do remote sysadmin stuff occasionally. I'm also rather decent at soldering and photography. Can't write C to save my life, though I'd like to fix that.

I'm a Gentoo and FreeBSD person these days mostly, though in previous lives I've admin'd Slackware, Debian, OpenBSD, and CentOS systems, and I got my start with Mandrake Linux back in the day.
Ah, we don't have enough hardware people on this forum.
You'll be a great addition, welcome in!
Long time nixers
Welcome to nixers! You should also join #nixers at

Wait, aren't you the author of the Arc theme?
Ahahaha oh wow. No, I'm a different Horst. My github is mc680x0 also :)

I'm planning to join the IRC - it was in fact a screenshot of that that drew me in :)

Thanks for the warm welcome!
Long time nixers
welcome to nixers
Long time nixers
From your website:
>I do hardware, software, cameras, music, and bad puns. Hope you enjoy your stay.
That reminds me of a friend...especially the bad puns part.

Anyway, feel yourself welcomed!
Long time nixers
Welcome to Nixers.
~Seraphim R.P.
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Welcome to the community!
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