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Hi, I'm ThePlantMan. I grow delicious berries in Minnesota and sell them at farmers markets. Mostly raspberries, black red and gold, but I'm planting some grapes and gooseberries too. I love the outdoors and plants of all kinds. But I'm also a huge nerd.

I've been using Linux in some form since the early 2000s and ditched Windows in 2006 for Gentoo. Three years ago or so I got sick of compiling everything and distrohopped for a while, but systemd had gotten a hold of everything and I couldn't find one I liked. Tried OpenBSD a year or so ago and got hooked. Haven't touched another *nix since. Everything is in the man pages. All the config files are styled pretty much the same. Especially now that they've got their own httpd, most everything you need to run a basic server is in base. I dig it.

Anyway it's just interesting to talk to other UNIX users to see how they solve problems differently, so I'll be enjoying my time here. Probably lurking a lot but it's good reading material.
Hello and welcome ThePlantMan.
We'd love to have you spread your berries over us.

The forums are full of great content even though some threads have been forgotten.

( ゚▽゚)/
Long time nixers
o/ welcome to nixers!
Long time nixers
Welcome to Nixers Bro!
The world is quaking from our Linux Thoughts!
Long time nixers
hey, i saw you in irc a couple times, welcome!
Grey Hair Nixers
Welcome aboard! It's always refreshing to get new users in the community to start up new threads. Have a nice stay!
Long time nixers
Now I know why you're called ThePlantMan...
Eduan / greduan