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Hi all,
So I'm quite new here and to using IRC clients. I've never really learned how to use them because there was never a community that I wanted to be a part of. So I have spent the last hour or so learning how to use xChat and I saw yrmt's post in "Rules, Posting Guidlines, and Announcements" about the IRC url and the room. I still can't connect to the server even though I put in that information? Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
Long time nixers
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Long time nixers
I'm getting the following error: (using irssi)
-!- Mode change [+iwxz] for user zbsd
-OperServ( The session limit for your host
          has been exceeded.
-!- ERROR Closing Link: zbsd[] (OperServ
          (Session limit exceeded))
-!- Irssi: Connection lost to

zygotb@~/$ mtr -t
Failed to resolve host: Name or service not known
zygotb@~/$ ping
ping: unknown host

I was able to log in to but not from my nixers shell.
zed, make sure you use the right port :D (it's / on xchat right?) and then autojoin the channel #nixers.
Note: if you are using your nixers bouncer the address you connect to is

zygotb, the unixhub irc/forum is no more,s o you can't connect to it.
Under ZNC Behavior in your settings (on the bouncer) you find is Max IRC Networks Number:,
which is automatically set to 1, did you change it to whatever the amount is you need?

If there are any questions feel free to ask :D

Edit: Make sure you get your bouncer by asking yrmt on the irc (or sending him a PM?)
I got it working!...I just forgot to close this thread.