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Grey Hair Nixers
The video is up! See the first post for a link to it.

(02-05-2017, 09:25 AM)jkl Wrote: I love how we Windows users would probably have been fucked up at an early step anyway (no file utility, except for that GNU wannabe thingy).

All the steps are doable on windows. Actually, there is even one step that works better on windows than any other system. There is no need for the file(1) utility, or even a shell.
You'll need to be fairly used to perform administrative tasks on windows though, like updating your hosts file, running nslookup against alternative DNS or openning binary files. That's why I made this hunt around protocols: they are system agnostic!

So no excuse for not doing it jkl ;)
Long time nixers
Wow! I could not even get through the first step! I had to be a little bit more educated before: steganography rocks!

Nice workflow video by the way, featuring dvtm and ratox.

* josuah listen toxicity
Woah, I missed a lot. I got stuck at 4! Couldn't really make out what the synthetic voice was saying (still can't) but I'm fairly sure it ended with '... at the last port'. But then, I got too busy to play anyway. Thanks for organising!
Long time nixers
Quote:The key is hidden on the forum, inside xero's avatar. To retrieve the key, one has to unzip the avatar.

well i can finally change my avatar from "the red key" to something else.

even with some help, i still got suck at step 10. great work z3bra.
I've spent most of my time on the step 14, the one related to the map.
When I entered the coordinates on google map I wasn't really able to view what I needed to see and so I thought everything I did was wrong.