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Hi all,

Sorry for being a massive scrub, but I've tried everything and Google'd as much as a I can but to no avail. I'm trying to get the lemon font working on my new Debian (sid) install, but I've had this issue before (I think it was Arch, maybe Debian Jessie).

It works fine in urxvt, but in xfontsel and dwm and dmenu, it seems capable only of displaying a '4' (see image):

[Image: lemon.png]

I've tried installing to different places, with different effects (/usr/share/fonts made xfontsel display it correctly, but it still wasn't shown in xfontsel and still didn't work in dwm), but none of them working? Has anyone encountered anything like this before? My Google-fu seems to suggest there hasn't been.
No, it's not just you and there does not seem to be any solution that I'm aware of. You could alway's ask the suckless folks. If you're not totally set on lemon, check out artwiz-lime, it's essentially the same font.

Also check out dmenu2. Lemon will work and you get some other cool features.
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Long time nixers
Yes, even when Lemon works correctly in dmenu it doesn't always behave, I too recommend using lime for this purpose, the only character difference from what I've found is the > and < signs.