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Hey there,

first of all, this is not at all intended as any kind of advertisement (although it might look interesting for some of you to play around with).

I just randomly spotted, that a provider called netcup currently offers small KVMs for 19 cents/month. Basically they offer 128MB of RAM, small storage and an IPv4 adress, also you only get one of these VMs per user.

This seems like a interesting opportunity to test out some minimal setups and I'd like to start a small discussion on what you think one could fit onto a VM with this specs.

I'm curently thinking of using it as a DNAT machine to my home network running alpine or maybe try out openBSD..

What would you do with such a VM? How much services could you fit onto it? Do you have machines running with similiar specs and what are you using them for?


EDIT: Not sure if I'll try DNAT on this.. 10 MBit/s seems really slow.
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I'm working on my third year project, which is Intrustion Detection on Embedded Systems, the point being that they don't have the memory for a traditional IDS. This could be very cool to take a look at and try out my solution on for a perspective that isn't on a local network or just another test, thanks!