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A warning system has been implemented in order to enforce rules and issue bans. The system works on a points/percent hybrid setting. A user starts with 0% warning, and once said user reaches 100%, he will be banned. Warning percentages are given in increments of points. One point equals 10% warning level. Certain offences carry more points/longer time before the points expire. The list of offences and their respective points are as follows.
  • Advertising yields 3 points for 3 weeks
  • Black-hat activity yields 5 points for 4 weeks
  • Excessive poor grammar/spelling yields 1 point for 1 week
  • A hacking attempt on UH yields 10 points forever (permanent ban)
  • Low quality posting yields 2 points for 2 weeks
  • Off topic posting yields 1 point for 1 week
  • Prohibited content (i.e. warez, adult content, etc) yields 3 points for 3 weeks
  • Threatening/flaming/harassing yields 2 points for 2 weeks.

You may be wondering what the difference is between LQP (low quality posting) and excessive poor grammar/spelling. Excessive poor grammar/spelling is a 1 point demerit which only lasts a brief period. It will be given twice. After the second time, if the user fails to obey the warning, he will be issued with a LQP demerit. In regards to LQP, I will be editing people's posts for grammar/spelling. Do not take this personally. I (and other moderators) are simply making UH a more easy to understand and professional experience.

Please be advised that attempts to hack this forum are punishable by a permanent ban, If you are suspected of hacking UH, you will be banned. If you are under investigation for hacking UH, the account in question will be disabled until further information is available.

These rules are pretty lenient and give each user a fair bit of leeway/leniency when it comes to posting. However excessive breaking of the rules will be taken seriously.

Hope this clears a few things up. Happy posting!
Grey Hair Nixers
This is great, thanks.