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hello *nixer,
Myself is introducing myself!
Venam is a student in Computer Science.
He is so annoyed by his classmates (sometimes).
He code in Python, Perl, C++/C and much more.
He likes freedom because it makes him feel powerful in this insignificant world.
He likes to have power over his machine because destruction is also an art.
He likes to read mangas because it kills boredom somehow.
Programming for him is a way to entertain the people of our era.
He believes that everybody has a good side.
Overall, he's a good guy, living in a shitty country.
He wants to know more *nixer in his country (Lebanon).
He talks French, English, Arabic, and a fading of Spanish (took 3 years).
His religious view is Raptor jesus.
He hates Social Networks.
His favorite movie is Donnie Darko.
He doesn't watch television.
He is vegetarian.
He's not up-to-date with music, he likes old school music and/or metal (from Finland).
He's a retro gamer.

That's All folks!
Grey Hair Nixers
`He religious view is Raptor jesus.`

This makes more sense then believing in nothing or believing in some religion that have ambiguous past.
I **really** believe that Raptor really was on earth.
I agree w/ venam and...

I suck at religion
Thank you Nihility , I like this stuff.
Long time nixers
Good to make your acquaintance venam.
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!