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This morning I decided to re-install OpenBSD and upon rebooting the computer stopped at the Dell logo. Thought it froze so I rebooted, hit the 'esc' key it shows the option to hit 'f12' to get into the bios. The problem is that it does not go into the BIOS. I switched the ram and nothing, some say that you should remove the ram as the computer is on and see if the computer beeps (have not tried it yet).

Any suggestions?

edit: the computer is a Dell Inspiron 3647
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As it's a prebuilt check if there's any dell documentation referring to that model or similar issues before trying to do stuff like pull the ram out. From the sounds of it, and just guessing here, the motherboard might be damaged in some way if it refuses to even load into the BIOS.
It could be anything. The description you gave is ambiguous.
I get no post beeps, it might just be the motherboard. I am looking for the CMOS but can't seem to find it.