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So I recently picked up a x220 thinkpad and after replacing the battery, adding an ssd and replacing the tn panel with an ips panel (£60 total, because I had a spare ssd) - it's a really amazing device!

I've been running arch on my old macbook for a while - which is an ok experience, but running it on this seems so much more fitting and having hardware that doesn't seem to be working against me is nice too.

It also made me think about the value of the machine, compared to the Chinese machine that strang3quark posted about, having a machine where every part is replaceable for under £80 seems like a bargain.

I enjoy the idea of trying to have less of a throwaway culture :)

Maybe this isn't the best use of starting a new thread - so I've titled the thread New Hardware Purchases :) so we can all discuss similar purchases
I agree, it's a great machine!

I'm currently using an X200 preinstalled with Libreboot which I bought from here
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IPS panel was a great decision -- if you add in hiDPi you're in heaven.
No hiDPI, there is a full HD mod, but that requires soldering an extra board in. Actually the main reason why I don't want to up the resolution is because I don't want to loose any battery life. I'm getting around 14 hours with the 9 cell...