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Long time nixers
We concluded the TUPE book on our book club. And we can prepare for the next book.

In this thread, let's comment what we thought on the last book, what we thought on the last book club thread, and recommend the book for the next book club thread. Also, if you have any recommendation on how we can improve the book club, please comment in this thread.

I have some recommendations:
  • The Art of UNIX Programming.
  • Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment (a tough book, very terse, dense on information and also very long).
  • Introduction to Operating Systems Abstractions Using Plan 9 (A good introductory book on plan 9, but it is to plan 9 what TUPE is to UNIX, so it may be repetitive for those who read TUPE).
  • The UNIX Haters Handbook (it is a compilation of mails to a mailing list, I don't know if this kind of reading appeals to everyone).
  • The Design of the UNIX Operating System.
Overall, I enjoyed the experience of reading chapters with other people and discussing them. What I liked the most what seeing the different perspectives that everyone had.

I'm not sure what improvement could be made, it was done properly but the participation rate dropped as the chapters went on. Maybe showing who's currently reading the book will encourage others to join in and keep the pace.

I'd personally go for The UNIX Haters Handbook because I've never read it thoroughly, always skimmed through it.

Thanks again for organizing this, it's very fun!
Between a late start and the nature of the material I found myself out of my depth with TUPE. I really like the idea and enjoyed reading the discussion quite a bit even if I didn't understand all of the technical details.

I've been reading the UNIX Haters Handbook on and off again lately so it gets my vote just for that reason, for what it's worth.
Long time nixers
(11-01-2021, 03:37 AM)venam Wrote: I'd personally go for The UNIX Haters Handbook because I've never read it thoroughly, always skimmed through it.

Same here. So, another +1 from me for that book.

Another interesting alternative might be the Wayland book that z3bra mentioned on IRC a while back. (Not sure anymore which one it was. This one, I guess?)
Long time nixers
So it's UNIX Hater's Handbook!
When should we start? this weekend?

I'll create a new thread for discussing the book when we agree when to begin the next book club session.
As a teaser there were some previous discussions on the topic.
For now I think we should simply create the thread, let people know this is happening so they can prepare themselves. And then we can have the first chapter next week.