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Hello nixers,
I'd like to announce the second edition of the conf.
We will host the conference on Sunday the 7th of November between 2-4pm UTC depending on the number of talks.

The call for proposal is closed.
The presentations has to fulfill these criteria:
  • Fit within a time limit of 15min
  • 3-5min for Q&A
  • The topic should be anything that is usually posted on nixers: a project you are working on, a unix story, some research about a topic, some lesser known unix tool, stuff you've discovered on unix, etc..
  • The slides should contain the logo of the conf. You can find a version for light background and a version for dark background.
  • The presentation should be under CC-0 if recorded and sharing the slides.
You can either choose to have your talk recorded or not.
Contact me on IRC, email, or on the forums with your ideas to reserve a spot. Send me your slides, general title, and ideas. Try to finalize it as much as possible before contacting me, and let me know how you'd like to be addressed.

Be sure to share you slides and content at least 4 days before the conf to be included in the schedule. Otherwise, you can always geek out with members after the "official" talks and present whatever you want to present. Let's make it fun and games.

The platform that will host the conference will be the same as last year, namely bigbluebutton, BBB. We'll need to record the conference ourselves as bigbluebutton format is composed of a mix of slides and audio only. We'll also host it on faimaison and the link will be shared here and on IRC on the day of the conference.
Only presenters will join with the mic, everyone else should join as listen only.
A tutorial of the UI will be given at the start of the conference.
Be aware that this software uses webrtc, and that your browser should support it.

Please note: The event will be recorded for our use. Any comments, chats, or voice recordings by attendees may be used as part of the final recorded and published conference.

Updates about the conference will be found in this very post.


Last year's conference
Nothing is prepared yet, but, if the topic of gaming AI is interesting to nixers, I can give a talk on what I worked on to improve unvanquished's AI, which are based on a bunch of technologies, including behavior trees, navmeshes and raytracing.

All won't stick in 15 min though, and attendees will have to suffer my french accent one more time. Also, I'm not really skilled on those, so I will only give introductions, the topic is yet to decide.
Long time nixers
Nice! Pretty sure I’ll be able to attend this time. :-)
I'm trying to attend this year,- probably won't be a speaker though.

Things I could imagine talking about in the future:
- Writing shell-scripts that are easy to use & extend
- Automation with shell-scripts
- Folder and File management on multiple computers + backups
- a $SHELL setup that hides information unless it's needed
Very interesting! I'd like to attend! For me it will be the first time! :-)
I don't think I'll have much time to prepare anything actually.
Long time nixers
The last weeks have been really busy for me and I had no time to prepare anything.
It's the end of the semester on uni, so there are a lot of things that accumulated...
I hope to have more time next week, so I can prepare a presentation on troff.
In any case, I'll update this post to inform whether I will or not do that presentation.
I'll sadly be on holidays that week :( I'll watch the talks afterwards.
Long time nixers
I can confirm my presentation about how to create your own troff macro package!
I just hope you can understand my English with Portuguese accent...

If we're not going to have the conf because of few presentation proposals, I have prepared an article for the webzine about the macro package I created.

A scrot of the production of the slides with the troff code on the right just to scare you about how troff looks like!

[Image: -d6B.png]
I've updated the thread with two talks.
There are still two places to fill for the conf to be fully operational.
Please share your talk proposals as soon as you can 😁
Still one place left for a talk, if anyone wishes to join as a speaker.
Long time nixers
Will we have some time before the conf for the people who will talk to test their browsers and mics?
I'll be at IRC, so you can call me for testing stuff.
(06-11-2021, 10:17 PM)seninha Wrote: Will we have some time before the conf for the people who will talk to test their browsers and mics?
Certainly, I'll be there around 1h before so that we can test things on the platform.
The link to the conference has been posted in the first post.
Long time nixers
Here is the, rather simple, troff macro package built during my presentation.
Here is a Lorem Ipsum written using the macros in that macro package. It's actually the first few paragraphs of the first chapter of The C Programming Language book, by K&R. As I do not covered fonts in the talk, the pdf has no embedded font, so it can look either good or ugly depending on the default font of your pdf reader (or browser, or anything you use to read pdfs).
Here is source code for that document.
The command I used to generate the sample document is the following. I used Heirloom troff (but was also tested on plan9 troff) and no pre-processor, but two post-processors: dpost (to convert troff's device-independent format to postscript), and ps2pdf to convert postscript to pdf (I also set the papersize to A4).
troff tmac sample.roff | dpost | ps2pdf "-sPAPERSIZE=a4" - sample.pdf

Here are the slides used at the presentation.
And here are all the references and links for my talk:
The talks have been uploaded and linked on the main post.