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Long time nixers
Is there already any information about the recently happen'd DDOS-Attacks targeted on our beloved iotek?

Or are we completly unknowing about possible motifs,
respectively a suspicious subjects?

I'm really slightly shocked and sad about thaty; and would like to know more, if there is anything to know(?)

Miss you guys ;-;
Greetings from the great Reich

In love:
nrmc /* ;) */
SpongeboZZ; Bikini Bottom Mafia/
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yeah/ da plancton in muh blunt/ gangster squarepants witha gun/
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Apparently, the attack was done using a range of Brazilian ips.
That's all I know.
Long time nixers
Yea, vypr already told me about a brazilian ip.
Really sad. Our little community is dammed to be bitched all the time. Even kiddies from outer circle are hurting our peaceful unix being.
Long time nixers
whoever it is, i will personally rape them with a cactus coated in ghost pepper extract
Long time nixers
Would pay for a video