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Long time nixers
Hello Nerdlings!!
Before i get to my questions. Its been a very long time since i been here, i am sorry for not coming on IRC often. I've been very very busy during the past 3 months and only been on my computer for like 5 minutes at a time. I've spent most my days on my Android phone.

So how are things going here and how is everyone doing?

My Question is not really important just something i cant get out the back of my mind, I have two old machines, one has a Intel Graphics card and one is Nvidia. They are roughly 12 to 13 years old. Originally Windows XP but converted to Debians in 2011.
With Windows XP my graphics cards could only go up too 1024 x 600 and i kept the drivers up too date so if i newer one would come up the resolution should have increased, on Debian, well any distro really, i can go up too 1366 x 768. At first i thought it was my monitors but one of my old machines still has the monitor it came with. Which is again 12 years old. On my Nvidia machine if i activate my proprietary driver, it goes down too the resolution the graphics card was made to do. (1024 x 600) I'm only guessing that the Kernal has a better driver than the Windows drivers but if the card is only made to go to a certain resolution, how is it able to go beyond with Linux?

I have googled in to it but i cant get a good answer or people think i am winding them up, if i went to a local PC repair shop they would think i am winding them up too. Lol.

Thank you. Diolch! :)
Long time nixers
I only did this once and this was around 3 years ago on a ViewSonic 720p monitor, tho it should work on an old CRT. Go to x server display configuration and click advanced and change "viewportin" and "panning" to higher than the "viewportOut". Or I suppose you can just put in say 1920*1080 in your .xintrc by this medtod: add viewportin 1920 and panning to 1080. Sub the 1080p reference for what ever you like. I'm sorry if this does not work for you, its been a while.
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