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I think it's really interesting how principled some people are on the subject of computing: This license or that, this piece of software or that, this OS or that, this piece of hardware or that, this coding convention or that, this language or that.

I don't know much so I am trying to read as many varied sources as possible to widen my knowledge and not take a principled stand from a place of ignorance.

I'm sharing two links, one of which I am sure all of you have seen and the other which is a little more obscure.

Anyways. Share more websites that espouse strong beliefs on computing, and your thoughts on such.

Grey Hair Nixers
Can't discuss that without mention to

I must admit that I do share their opinion though, and they always delivered good quality softwares
Long time nixers
Generally, I think that the future of computing is mostly over. There is nobody left who would be willing to try new things. What was the last actual innovation - handheld computers? Back in the 90s?

Our niches are exactly that: niches. We are a minority here. People are happy to eat what they're served. Wirth's Law is a menace - and nobody cares. Everyone has a gazillion gigabytes of RAM today, let's fill it with a text editor.

They just don't want to know.

<mort> choosing a terrible license just to be spiteful towards others is possibly the most tux0r thing I've ever seen
Grey Hair Nixers
Quote:Generally, I think that the future of computing is mostly over.
While I tend to agree with you, I think that the issue lies elsewhere.
Non-tech people want more features rather than a polished interface. They're used to software being slow/unresponsive and that is obviously an issue. This does only apply to software though.

If you consider computing with a larger scope, I think that computing keeps improving, being new ideas (blockchains first implementation arrived in 2008), or huge improvements over old ideas (see neural networks today).
We also got things like remote surgery in the 21th century!

Still, we got no flying cars yet :)
I would think the increasing use of big data hasn't reached it final point yet. And though not necessarily based on new technology, the much-touted 4th industrial revolution seems still ongoing.