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(This is part of the June 2017 events)

Programming Week (From June 1-9) (color #467543)

The first week will be dedicated to contributing to the interesting projects that our members are working on (Not really just programming but we categorized it like that).

This is the list, but not limited to it, of projects we'd like to push forward (give a little help) or put together from scratch (because we're dreamers):
  • The Ricing book
    A solo endeaviour by our friend thlst. This project gained a lot of momentum the first few weeks but needs our help.
    Write up something that needs to be in the book and get your pull request merged into the tree.

  • nixers user blog aggregator (Future:
    A soon to be "Feed reader" that fetches content from all existing nixer member's blogs and presents in a single web UI.
    Submit the link to your blog here
    Help making this true. It's a simple RSS aggregation project.
    Add your commit to the same repo as the nixers-projects/sites

  • newsletter to magazine
    The newsletter is much appreciated. It is send every Saturday by email and it also has an RSS feed on .
    We can take this a step further by providing the newsletter in new formats such as a transportable PDF that would be readable offline or by adding new weekly sections to it.
    We had been discussing creating a magazine for a while and this is our chance to do so.
    Check the discussion to know what you can contribute with
    * Nixers Magazine Brainstorming
    Contribute a weekly section in the newsletter
    Help integrate the new format
    Help redesign something related to the newsletter
The goal of the week is to contribute to at least one project, you can start a thread related to the project if there isn't already.

However the nickname special colors will be reserved for the above projects only.

Feel free to add to the thread projects you want others to help you with too.

The newsletter now has multipart/alternative and so is available in both plain text and html.

The feed could be updated to also use the same markdown to html process.
Today's the last day of the programming week.
Get your code ready!
(09-06-2017, 08:03 AM)venam Wrote: Today's the last day of the programming week.

Unexpectedly, thinking it had already ended, I managed to contribute. Nice!

(31-05-2017, 11:41 AM)venam Wrote: A soon to be "Feed reader" that fetches content from all existing nixer member's blogs and presents in a single web UI.
Given how many people have setup their feeds, this looks a bit difficult. Besides that, for example, xero has his feed located at and his blog at ; so maybe the same is happening for some others where the script is not finding their feed.