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Long time nixers
Hey all!

I'm in something of a pickel now, I accidentally blew away my root partition of my computer. Serves me right for trying to figure out a python visual novel engine.

Anyways! I thought I should ask for suggestions because I would rather not just re install debian.
I would consider myself a moderate Linux user, I know my way around the command line and I'm not scared of getting into the thick of issues and working them out.

Has to support x86 architecture, (god damn Chromebook)

Has to be something a dedicated moderate user could learn in a couple weeks. school is coming up and I need this thing to write essays on.


Minimal, I'd rather have to set it up myself than have to uninstall it myself.

Pls no bloat fam


I don't do that much on my computer, I just need.

- web browsing
- writing
- programming
- music
- email

Things I'm interested in:

Learning, I want to grow as a user.

Source based, always been curious about, I used funtoo for all of two days but maybe I should try something similar?

No Systemd
I will be the first to admit that I don't know everything about the ini that rocked the world. However I have read several well written blog posts that rip it apart.
What can I say, I'm a sucker for well written things.
This isn't that important. I still need to do my own research but I'm just putting it out there for now.

What I was thinking of:

Slackware- why not try it?
Only thing that annoys me is the installer tries to put the kitchen sink on your computer.

Exherbo- will it be too difficult to use or impractical?

Gentoo/funtoo - maybe?

Void - is it any good?

Alpine - I know it's used for network switches and things, would it be usable for a laptop? See needs.

Linux BBQ - I was just using hipster, the latest one is amd64 ;( I used bork for awhile but ran into some issues. Still I love the releases.

Sorry for the long post!
Have a nice night guys
Plenty of choices out there. And while you have the chance, why not dice up your HD into some nice 10-15GB partitions (or so) to play with different wms. Create a /data partition and automount from fstab. Place all important stuff there, like media, ~/bin, etc, then symlink as needed. Have fun!
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Long time nixers
Actually that's a really interesting idea about trying different things in different drives.
Unfortunately I have a 32 gb ssd but that should be enough for 8-10 partitions right?

Also the second I saw your name I knew I was gonna get served the grill ;)

I'll look into more BBQ things though!
I'm a Gentoo advocate but I'd imagine the compile times on the Chromebook would suck.

Make your own choices, it's not the job of other people to guide your life.
That's the reason why we use *nix.

EDIT: I'm sorry to close this thread but we already have plenty of those and the internet is infested with those kinds of inquiries.


It's not what those forums are for, see this thread.