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Well, I'm sick of the restriction of Gingerbread and am considering moving to a custom rom or something of the like.

I really want to root my Ace but at the same time I don't want to brick it.
Any tips on what the most stable custom roms are and any tips in avoiding the brick issue?

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Long time nixers
I always recommend CyanogenMod.
Long time nixers
I currently use Parnoid Saber Droid, I love it haven't had a problems etc. with it, but for stable go with CyanogenMod especially if it's your first time rooting a device.
Long time nixers
I really want to use Cyanogenmod but I don't wanna fuck up anything
Long time nixers
I know I'm late, but AOSP is a solid ROM. It's literally nothing but Android and, like, 5 or 6 default apps. Very bloat-free. Pretty much what Nexus *should* be.