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Hello *nixer,
I really love the email and I'm currently using it as my main email.
This is how to set it up in a client:
server for receiving:
smtp send:
user ID:
same user and pass as IMAP4
I don't know if we can use SSL yet.
SMTP port: 587
IMAP4 port:143

This will certainly help some people that had a hard time setting up their client.
Long time nixers
You might not know it, but you saved Jayro days of explaining the same thing manually to everyone who gets an email address and has no clue what they're doing.
Long time nixers
I don't know if emails can be both sent and recieved, i had the problem. So did some one else, i can't remember who... I will try now.

EDIT : Sorry, it just must have been that day. Got it working perfectly now!