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Hello *nixer,
I'm currently writing a c++ library and I didn't release it online for reasons that concerns the licensing.
I wanted to wait for the Unixhub license and use it for my library, however many little things started to bother me.
I have one and only one dependency for my project : libcurl. (I'm writing all the other things by hand...complicated regex and all).
What bothers me is that libcurl has it's own license, the curl license, which looks a lot like the BSD license but with one more clause that state the right to make publicity about the product only if the owner accepts by email or in person.
I want developers to contribute to my library and the BSD license doesn't seem to make this available.
On the other hand, I'm thinking of using the curl license to simplify things for the users.

I'm confused, what do you think about that?
Isn't it more simple to use the curl license and accept it as is.

EDIT: The UH License is compatible and I did put in the license file the separate license while specifying to which files it applied.
Excelent! Thanks or the reply NeoTerra.
The forum has been really dead those past few days and some threads stayed empty for a while.