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Long time nixers
Hello there, nixers!
Since i've registered here for some time now and even posted a pretty clumsy thread about 2bwm, I decided to go back a step and start introducing myself. I go with Linux for about 2 or three years now, and discovered an affection for ricing and tweaking for me. The reason for this was basically because I did not like the stock Linux GUIs and needed something different. When stepping over to this, some other stuff like doing more and more scripts followed. I had some contact to z3bra and I am pretty happy that your blog is back up. So, i guess i matured a bit and want to Get started now with going Crazy with *nix-stuff. First of all, i try to set up irssi, what Sounds like Black Magic atm to me. Okay, thats it for now, i Hope we will get to know each other on irc soon! :)
Welcome to the forums!
Grey Hair Nixers
Official welcome here guys ;)
Long time nixers
Ohai! :)
Long time nixers
Welcome to the forum, I hope you stay and continue to contribute ^_^
Long time nixers