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June Community Discussion

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Feedback, ideas, contributions, and discussion on the nixers community projects for the month of June.

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The Unix Diary thread
Nixers Workflow compilation
Today's the last of June.

I'd appreciate your feedback on the events I organized during the month.
Long time nixers
I liked the nixers intro thread (obviously), but the ASCII art contest was also cool.
I'll post a webcast when I get some time (hopefully this weekend).

So, overall a great idea, maybe with a little few participation, but overall

4.5/5 stars.
Grey Hair Nixers
The hunt was pretty cool. I love these! The ascii art contest was fun too, it was great to do that again.
Overall, I think all events were appreciated, but too few people got involved. Not a huge deal, as the people enjoyed them anyway.

Well done venam!
Thread Promotion

I'm making this a thread promotion as a discussion on who would be interested in setting up similar activities for next month. Namely: week in the TTY, workflow compilation, scavenger hunt, and others.
Long time nixers
I'm up to the workflow compilation.
I loved the last one, we had good entries.
We got new members since then, who have not participated of it.
If no one is available to set it up, I can be in charge of the compilation; I just need to practice my ffmpeg skills.
(03-05-2021, 09:41 AM)phillbush Wrote: I just need to practice my ffmpeg skills.

Same.. I would be keen to participate in a workflow clip, just give me a head up on the preferred screen recording technique.
I agree with Ramiferous and phillbush, a new workflow compilation would be cool.
Long time nixers
i'm in as well for a workflow compilation, for this one i will take the time to really do it :D