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(11-11-2020, 03:05 PM)neeasade Wrote: There's an Xorg bitmap (xbm) editor, I forget the name of it.

It is literally just called bitmap(1). I've just discovered it and its awesome.

(20-04-2021, 02:42 AM)s0kx Wrote: With xsetroot -bitmap, which most likely is already installed on your system. See the manpage for more options.

Edit: Sorry about that, I mixed up two different file formats

Yeah, that was my problem. However, I've figured out how to make .bpm tiles with bitmap(1) so that's what I'll do.
Just set them with xsetroot like so:
PHP Code:
xsetroot -bitmap wall.xbm -bg '#8998aa' -fg '#464d56' 
The only downside to using bitmaps over pixmaps is that bitmaps only supports 2 colours

(20-04-2021, 07:22 AM)phillbush Wrote: I have no idea how to set background to .xpm files directly. Better you convert it to .png first and then use feh(1).

As it turns out, feh(1) supports .xpm pixmaps. You can simply run
PHP Code:
feh --bg-tile wall.xpm 
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